December 31 2022

What Should I learn?

Hey Everyone, I hope you are doing well! Finally, I am writing this blog a few hours before December turns to January, and I break my streak of writing one blog each month! Ahhh….. I feel relieved at least I will not break this commitment to writing. Though, I am not very good when it comes to commitments 😂😂😂 (Okay, let’s not talk about this but stays with the topic only)

So, I have been frequently asked a ubiquitous question by people, “What should I learn?” and I think this is something that comes to mind of almost everyone whenever we think to start something new!

Based on my experience in life so far, I believe that great ideas evolve in diverse places and through diverse minds! As 2023 is about to start, the best answer that I could suggest to someone would be precisely the one that I plan to follow for myself. Let’s explore and learn topics that are entirely unrelated and connect them to form something new, defined by the sense of love and compassion for solving a problem and doing a greater good. “Not everything is meant to be within the box; some things are meant to be defined without any boundaries.

Some fields that I will love exploring in the upcoming time will be NeuroScience, Computational Biology, Quantum Computing, Strategic Management, Finance, IoT, Space and time, Nucelar science, Mechanical Designing, Climatic actions, Sustainable development, and more 🙂 Though it’s not a static choice but is what I wish I should learn to be a better-learned person.

Well, I have a surprise for you all, after all we are growing according to the last statics I am getting 3K hits every month so if you would like to learn together and do some crzy stuff with, keep an eye on my status something new is coming up!

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