February 24 2023

AI: What happened when I deployed on my social medias?

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Isn’t it too long since we have talked?? Or maybe you have wrote to me on my social platforms (i.e., WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Matrix, etc.). Okay I am here to reveal a secret today!!

If you have written to me in past two months there is a high probability that you might have talked to my AI Bot but not me. Okay I am sorry for doing this, but the results are surprising as well as shocking and terrifying on one way.

As the background, I have been working on this AI bot for almost three years since I was in bachelors, and finally I am happy that it is understanding expressions better and has started responding the way I am. So it was just the month of January when I thought that why not integrate it with my social medias and see how it react to real time interaction and how the people interact without knowing that its not a human.

Summary of what happened:

Count of Interactions: 53 different people (Women:31, Men:20, Unknown: 2)

People found it to be not me: 12

People assumed it’s me only: 41

What kind of interaction have happened?

So, I started with allowing text to text interaction where it was replying to the chats, while later, I used classification on a set of posts and allowed it to share with people posts that most suits based on the chat data interchanged.

Outcomes of this:

  1. Made so many people happy that I am replying on time finally😁.
  2. Helped two people feel super happy when they were feeling low and interacted with almost 5 hours continuously.
  3. Lost an amazing friend😒 (Coz the bot ended up sharing a creepy post, which made her feel uncomfortable, and as this is bot is another me, so I never explained what really happened)

Examples of Few Interactions:

Someone Classified its a bot
Someone Classified it as a bot
Normal Interaction
Normal Interaction(Person didn’t realised that its a bot)

I will be making  the whole code public soon once I fix few issues; stay tuned 🙂

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