December 12 2023

The Leonardo next to me4 min read

Details make perfection but perfection is not a detail.

Leonardo da Vinci 

The Tuesday started rough and rapid, I woke up at 8:58 am and needed to be somewhere at 9 am. I guess the alarm didn’t really rang, rushed in a hurry to washroom to take a bath, I booked my cab with wet hands and wore clothes in a hurry. Ofcourse I got late but that’s alright I managed it somehow, the life is getting super busy nowadays, this new job, the part-time course I started, the research project with my professor and this multinational, working on Perplexed, freelancing project, Startup I am helping, this hackathon project which got incubation, PhD application, job application, and what not. But, the is actually good, I guess these are the things what make me feel alive or atleast keeps me away from the trap of thinking nonsense. Okay let’s cut straight.


I was sitting on that last white bench in this small library at a random city college in Glasgow, what I am doing here is another story maybe I will tell you someday later. I saw a gentleman walking straight to me in long brown coat and a hat on his head, it was strange as this desk is at the very end where people do not usually come up at all. He stopped by me and asked are you, are you Vinamra, I was shocked how does he know my name, before I could say something, he told in a lower voice, ‘don’t worry, neither I am a student here; I also just jumped inn as I love books as much as you do’. I was all perplexed but yet gathered the courage to ask, ‘Do I know you? sir’. He laughed in joy and said, ‘oh son, I thought you were as smart as people claim’, he further added, ‘I am Leonardo, Leonardo da Vinci’. At that very moment my curiosity turned into excitement, I rose in joy and pulled a chair for him to sit.


Leonardo quickly sit and said, I am as busy as you but just came by to see for a reason, before I could understand anything he pulled out his famous art work The distance from the Sun to Earth and the Size of the Moon from his left pocket and from the right a brown sheet of paper seems as old as the melody of Rome. He said, ‘You know Vinamra, I wasn’t an artist, I was an inventor, I was a human who had the ability to think, I don’t know what is the problem with the world today; they see me as an artist’, I replied,’Yes sir, I can understand you deep, people see you only for your success but not for efforts I think; but still you are not less than a hero of your time, your assumptions of 1506 is a reality of today’. He laughed in joy and added, ‘oh kid, don’t be just thinking what this world think, I know you have ability to think and do different and that is why I am here’.

Distance from the Sun to the Earth and the size of the Moon by Leonardo da Vinci – Artchive

Suddenly I noticed, my watch just stopped. when, I checked my phone and time was not moving at all, was I trapped in some Time paradox? to be honest I do not know that still but it was different everything was moving around me but the relative time for me and him was still. Leonardo was worried and badly tensed; he looked into his watch and said, ‘Vinamra, I am running late, let us just work on this piece quick, I have the calculation for the flow of time but the rest is on you, how much you can push it, and I am sure we can achieve the time travel soon.’ I was all lost and was not able understanding anything at all, I added, ‘but what do you want me to do with this, it seems a truth of another universe and time; are you sure you are looking for me’. Suddenly a bell rang somewhere and he disappeared with a note left, ‘you know the destination, you just need to find the way’.


The Leonardo next to me, is a tale of truth, reality and twisted times, you may question what it means, just look harder and you will find your meaning in these texts.

By the was thank you so much and congratulations to everyone, we have crossed a mark of 10k new readers in the blogs every month from almost 34 different countries, I never thought you people will ever like to read the shit I write but thanks to you all for making this a reality. Okay see you all soon, hopefully I will start the YouTube channel from next week.

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