January 16 2024

Ideas Die Hard: Cooking Thoughts With Steve Jobs

It was 10th of January 2024 when I got this call from a random US number at around 3 am in the morning. In half way of a tired off sleep, I picked up the call subconsciously; Hey is this Vinamra? the composed voice on the other side asked and I said yes in an undertone following up with question; who is there, is there something urgent? He said in a joyful way, ‘you know me too well already, but you will meet me soon enough; someone told me you are liking cooking food nowadays, is that so? Anyways I am boarding to  my jet on my way to you, will catch you at 10am at your doorstep’. Before I would have understood anything the phone got cut, my sleep have already vanished by that time thinking who it could be, well I tried calling back but the phone was off. I went across my conversation with almost everyone in the past few weeks trying to figure out if I have invited someone unknowingly, tried to recognise that voice in my head but the incident was really uncommon I can feel that I have heard from him before but do not know where and when. Though as being tired of all day, I again just dozed off in the arms of sleep sitting over couch.


When I woke up, I checked the clock; it was already 9am surprisingly the sun was out as well which is no less than a miracle when you live in Scotland. I needed to clean my room as it was a big mess and so do have to go and buy groceries as well. While my mind was all the way perplexed thinking who is actually coming. I took a wee shower, cleaned my room and rushed off to buy the things; the time was so limited that my curiosity in unfolding the identity of the visitor is taken over by sense of making right arrangements. I landed back home at 9:55am, eagerly waiting for the clock hand to move forward with five minutes, and in the very moment of this long enough short wait, there was a knock on the door.


I opened the door and I was shocked, I couldn’t believe what I was evidencing with my eyes, my heartbeat got so loud that I could feel the vibrations, before even I could utter a single word, he said, ‘Won’t you let me inn vin? It is very cold outside.’. He walked inside, gave me a hug and said, ‘Ohh, its is so good to see you in-person mate, my friend Leonardo told me you needed my help, so here I am’. It was no other than Steve Jobs himself, I couldn’t believed my eyes, I am finally with the person I have admired my entire life but how is it possible was the question in my mind. In this state of twist, confusion and excitement, I asked, ‘Steve are you for real, I can’t believe…’, with a smile on face Steve instantly replied before even me completing my sentence, ‘Come onn Vin, you are kidding with me right; you just found Leonardo next to you  few weeks back, stop thinking like humans for a while !!, by the way I am badly hungry; I hope you cook as good as you like cooking.’. My happiness hiked the eleventh sky, this guy standing next to me was one of the finest entrepreneur in the world, his visions were beyond the possibilities of the time, he turned the market of personal computing and changed the definitions of technological advancement forever. With this all going in my head I said, ‘Sure, let’s hop off to the kitchen and talk while I prepare food, also you know I got a million of questions to ask !!’ with this note we both started walking with a smile at our faces, I opened the door for him and we entered kitchen.


I opened the fridge and pulled out the fresh vegetables I bought few moments back, ‘Seems like we are gonna have some delicious veg cuisine’ said Steve and added after a pause of few seconds, ‘you know when I was of your age I always use to walk for a mile to visit the Hare Krishna Temple to eat a good meal once a week; that was a different time vin, I was a different person back then’. I was listening to him very carefully while washing the vegetables and taking out the chopping board, I curiously asked, ‘Steve do you miss the old times, I know things weren’t the way they were portrayed, I know there is a lot to what world knows’. Steve replied instantly, ‘I know you know it well Vin, but remember today we are meeting for you not for me; I know your dreams are bigger than anyone’s desires, I know you are not hearing the call of  jiggles as you use to, Leonardo told me all, and I am here to tell you that yes you are gonna change everything.’. ‘But you know the things are messed up now, seems like all got stuck, I am not growing in life, I am not able to sleep at night, I don’t feel satisfied at all, I feel like I am getting stuck in the circles of life, I got a ton shit of pending things, I am losing the human connections, I am just not finding the right cord’ I added furiously using out all in a single breath. Steve walked around the table, opened the wooden draw on the top and pulled out a glass to serve me water,’Chill down’, he said offering me the water. ‘I know and that’s why I am here; remember to construct the miracle first you need to demolish the old, same goes off with life Vin. You need to unlearn to learn, you know what I mean’. I drinking the water and turning the gas onn said, ‘you are right Steve but, you know I use to thought that maybe I would feel better if I cut checkmarks down my list, but the more I am ticking them down the more things are adding up, I turned 23 last month and I just feel I wasted it all. I want to have everything and I can’t settle for anything lesser ‘. Steve started laughing out of nowhere and said ‘Ahh boy, have you ever thought what you will do when you get it all?, you will seek more and this is what the paradox of cycles all about. I remember the same tendency got me fired from my own company. The world only knows me well in the words of Walter Seff Isaacson, while my soul cries out loud in ‘The Bite in the Apple’. Vin life is way beyond anything we as humans assumes, there is a dimension above our understanding of them and that’s why I showed up to you not to them.”. With the little butter in the pan veggies were frying in a low flame, and I carefully listening to the Steve was fitting a battle of thoughts flooded with shine of emotions in my head.


‘By the way what that Illuminati hieroglyph doing at the wall of your room, you know we don’t put it there in general. Also I read the first draft of your book, I believe you do need to take down few of the theories, it’s too much to express for now.’ Steve added in a serious note. ‘But Steve, bounding words, twisting meanings and portraying the imaginary is the job of pseudo clairvoyant. Don’t you we the people of Science must only convey facts and findings’ I replied instantly. Steve got his smile back, not because of my words but because the food was ready. In the mean while I was serving us the meal, Steve poured red wine for him and some pineapple juice for me. We spent the couple of hours eating and talking a lot more about things, but not everything is meant to be shared atleast not at this moment, but wait don’t worry, there are somethings that are needed to be conveyed though you need to wait until the next month.


Okay, so if you reading until the end and know me for a while I always leave something for you, so feel free to email(vinamrasharma5@gmail.com) me with a message or any topic you want me to write and I will definitely pick a random one and write over it. Well thanks a lot for all of your support our last blog got impressions over 43 nationalities and the numbers are growing.

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    Ahhhh… Commendable❤️
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    You truly deserve all this and even more🥳

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