November 15 2022

Even and Odds

Hey, nice to see you here again! So in this blog, we will be talking about the even/odds of life. It’s been almost a month since I landed here in the United Kingdom, and I feel this is something that everyone goes through, including me, but no one has come up to express it publically: So here I am 😉

The fact of life is that we are on a rollercoaster, and our journey is filled with thrills, ups, and downs; obviously, sometimes, it amazes us! But sometimes it gives us shocks. Now, as humans, we are what we are 🙂 

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We enjoy it when it is all going great, but when we don’t find what we expect, we start complaining and finding ways to blame the situation or people. Well, this is right, but not when it reaches the point where your mental health start deteriorating. Let’s start this by talking about addiction !!!! Yes, you read this right but don’t take this in another sense; it is not about the obsession with things or people, but even beyond, I am talking about the addiction of winning. Well, this is actually where it all started, as being conscious being, this is something that we all love to have in our life, and once it starts coming after all the hard work we put in, we don’t want to stop; instead, we pull every string to make it colossal(huge) every day. 

In this never-ending rat race, we break almost every bond that we once shared with the world, and we all encounter a phase of our life when things start not going to what we planned; we actually begin losing; the ten years checklist that we were completing suddenly seems to be on a pause; I know this hurts bad and it becomes even worst when you have thousands of unseen messages but no real person to talk with, you have already left behind everyone who once meant to you, and you can’t just open up to anyone as you now have an image to manage. 

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this; it happens with almost every second person in life. Well, if you do ask me personally, I would suggest some tips, but ultimately it should be you taking the call 🙂

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  1. Remember why you started and remind yourself of that time when no one knew you.
  2. Take a break, give yourself a treat 😉 It sounds strange that things aren’t right, and I am telling you to give yourself a treat! See, sometimes you need a break to recharge yourself and your mind; at reasonable times, we party, but don’t you think celebrations are more critical in challenging times rather than adequate ones?                          
  3. Find someone with who you can express anything without the fear of being judged; it might be your family, your teachers, your friends, or maybe your AI bot that you have been developing for years(Named after the girl you like but who never likes you back), don’t worry if you feel you have none of them, I personally love to be a listener, just a call away. 
  4. Look at the list of your goals for the next ten years and imagine how it will feel once you turn them into reality; the feeling you get then is precisely the one that motivates you to fight harder.

Ahh! I feel I am getting too much into humanly things; okay, I promise the next block will be for the tech heads;-0

Stay tuned; signing off for today; feel free to email me if you want me to cover something specific.

If you are going through the odds now, remember I am only a call away!

October 26 2022

What’s stopping you?

This blog is for almost everyone out there struggling and working to the best of their abilities with determination and passion toward achieving the next level.

So, I know it’s too hard sometimes; you have felt this too! Right? I know you can’t accept this fact publically, and you should know that you got an image out there. Many people look at you as an inspiration; they believe you are the one who is there to change their dream into reality. This is true to some extent, but today, I am not here to talk about this. Instead, let’s talk about where we are heading, the destination, and how we must tackle the blockers, we come across as a human.

Let’s answer the widespread but vital questions today:

1. How to find the right way, what to choose, or I not sure what I like?

  • Well, This is the thought that must have come to your mind when you have started or if you are planning to start; of course, everyone says to follow your passion or heart, but no one actually tells you how to find what you love or what is meant for you. So the answer is simple:
    • Firstly, try everything out there: Explore the world of possibilities and actually play around with every domain, even if you have no plan to pursue it further. It’s always good to know before.
    • Define what you want. Your expectations derive the approach; the bigger your dream is, the better you have to work for it.
    • See if you can imagine yourself fulfilling the goals you set when you are confined to pursue that domain.

“Myth: We should decide what to pursue based on the market demand”, this is a pure misconception, the key is that everything is great as far as you are good at it. You will always be served the best if you like what you do!


2. How to tackle when nothing seems to be going right?

  • Life is a journey full of excitement, learning, and understanding, I know it has happened with a lot of you and even happening right now, remember the three keys that I use in such situations:
    • Get yourself a coffee or hot chocolate, sit down calmly, close your eyes for two minutes and take a deep breath, remember the determination with what you started.
    • Keep on expanding yourself, the main component to success is consistency if you can achieve that, more than 90% of your problems will resolve themselves.
    • Reach out for help, well I know it’s hard to go through difficult times but even it gets harder if you are facing all alone. (Ps- if anyone reading this ever face such an issue, remember you can call me anytime)
    • Don’t give up! Odds are the stops in the way of evens, remember you will do it and don’t think for anything else.

“Myth: We will get instant results if we work harder” I know a lot of you still believe in this and that’s where you get wrong. Remember, good things take time and great things require time.


3. What if I was wrong,maybe I should accept the easy way I have, I mean still its better than what other thinks for them ?

  • So, this is something that comes to your mind very often wright when things aren’t going well, see I knew it! But, now its your turn to understand that it is normal if you feel like this, we as human always regret for the things we chose not to pursure (You must have read “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Forst); In such situations you may consider these:
    • Take a break, cook something for yourself and yes don’t use any recipie book or cooking tutorial at all, flow with your heart and invent a dish with your imigination. Trust me oce it is ready you will be the one happy like hell!
    • Write up the golas you have for yourself for the next 10 years in a paper and put it on the wall you see everyday. And now work with the objective to complete them in one year only, you will not have the time even to think for something that is irrelevent at all.
    • Writing helps you refresh, do start writing, either a blog, a poem or anything you feel like writing. I can say this myself that writing let you unload the stack you are holding in your head.

I know there are a lot more questions, but how can you forget that you, yourself is a superhero and you don’t need me to answer your question but you have the power to define your own buddy 🙂

Okay we will meet another day, with something different ! And I love reading your emails so don’t forget to send me anything that comes to your mind !



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September 11 2022

What it takes?

So, today through this blog, I will be actually trying to answer the common questions I get asked very frequently and share what I have learned over the past few years of my life. 

Well, I do consider myself very lucky, not because of the achievements I have accomplished but because I am able to discover what I love at this stage of my life. A few years back, I can clearly recall myself as a high school nonsense boy who always indulged in crazy activities like bunking classes, making fun of people, fighting, and whatnot; okay, let me not get into this story for now. Instead, focus on why I am telling you this; my reason behind doing so is to share a clear message that anyone can do it; the only thing that matters is not what you want but how much you desire it!

Now, let’s start the things exactly point-to-point:

I am a complete beginner; how can I start?

Though, I believe this is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind whenever we start something new, isn’t it? So, my way to tackle this is simple:

  • Understand that you are starting now, so don’t compare yourself with the people who have been doing it for years, but work hardest and trust yourself that you will make it soon one day 🙂
  • Remember that you have big goals and orientation for life; you are running a marathon, not a 100m sprint. So, don’t be disappointed when you can’t see the result instantly, but I can promise that you will soon be rewarded for all your efforts.

Everything seems so fascinating; what should I choose?

Well, this is actually subjective, and it is different based on your objectives, but a general way that I followed when I was in a similar situation is; 

  1. Try as many options as possible; explore everything and anything; you are not wasting your time but investing it.
  2. Choose what you love; I know this is even tricky, but it is straightforward to identify; if you enjoy and get addicted to it, it’s something you love!

Ahh! It’s getting too long now; I know you guys don’t like reading very long stuff, so let me conclude by providing four simple steps you can follow to ace!

Step 1: Write on the first page of your notes/notebook the reason for, “Why are you starting this?”

Step 2: Make a plan/Schedule; you can use any platform such as notion(I use this only), like discipline and consistency are the key to anything, trust me!

Step 3: Set up self-checks; for example, if I am learning Data Structures, I must have that one day when I will take five random DS problems and resolve them and monitor how well I can do that.

Step 4: The last and most important thing is to be consistent and believe in yourself.

Well, these actually worked for me

Jeije Jeije175 GIF - Jeije Jeije175 Success GIFs

August 12 2022

The Extending World of Possibilities

In this fast-paced world where everything is evolving at an exponential rate, we as humans are evidencing this immense growth and transition in terms of technology and the development of humankind. While now, almost everything around us is digitalized, we can observe how our dreams from yesterday are just another ordinary reality of today. The impact of technology in cross domains such as health care, education, enterprise, etc., is truly diverse. By introducing complexly efficient technologies such as Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining, we are extending the impact to the lives of billions of people out there.

As a person of technology, I feel privileged to a part of this change, and as being a researcher, I highly regard how computer scientists across the globe are defining new as well as innovative approaches to resolve some of the complicated problems faced by the world today. 

Do you know? MIT researchers developed a geometric deep-learning model called EquiBind that is 1,200 times faster than one of the fastest existing computational molecular docking models, QuickVina2-W, in successfully binding drug-like molecules to proteins. Well, that is another excellent contribution to the healthcare sector, but I know many of you reading this blog now may wonder and ask the fundamental question in human consciousness, “how does this impact my life?” So the answer is simple, and I know not everyone is interested in deep diving into the biological explanation or the algorithmic one. So, for now, the best answer I can give you is that “You may not find its impact directly on your life now, but it will define and yield the way you live for years or even centuries until another researcher or scientist come up with a newer model.” 

But don’t worry, let me share a wonderful invention that you may find slightly more exciting developed at MIT’s Communications Systems Lab; I am sure you all hear music right! Have you ever wondered how thin a sound source can be? SO, MIT engineers have developed a paper-thin loudspeaker that can turn any surface into an active audio source. Isn’t this fascinating? You know the speaker not just produces excellent sound but works on just a fraction of energy as compared to the traditional speaker.

paper-thin loudspeaker developed by MIT
paper-thin loudspeaker

(Image by: Felice Frankel, Source: )

So these two were examples from the top researchers and groups in the world, but what about the status of the building block of all these progressive mindsets? What about the perspective of students? What solutions are they bringing forward? Well, to find the best place are the hackathons and global challenges. I as well bring out and put forward solutions that I develop through these events, like the recent challenge by Harvard and the Government of South Africa to clinch the problem of Type 1 diabetes; with my diversly genius team, we developed a complex machine learning-based model to resolve the issue of supply chain mismanagement at Ghana, also additionally implemented a disease prediction model to predict any situation and counter it beforehand, apart from this we proposed an autonomous drone-based delivery module to make the delivery timely and combat any geographical or tropological hurdle. Though I would love to talk more about the project, I can’t disclose the very beautiful algorithm, which is the model’s soul, as the research paper is still under publication and not being published yet. Well, as soon as the paper is published in the upcoming month, I will surely love to share everything. 

Okay, I will conclude this blog here with a precise approach to making you all aware that what seems to be way beyond possibilities is now just another step of accomplishment. So as a final thought or what we say as a definitive statement, this world will be going to transform entirely in the upcoming five years! Now, this is your chance to define your thoughts, not just with thinking but with logic, and actually develop the next thrilling invention that has been growing inside your mind for years. 

Ps: You all are mighty superheroes, and all you need is one push and listen. I know you will define new definitions for the entire humanity 🙂

July 23 2022

Life Beyond Expressions

Well, this is the first blog on my page, so this must be good! Don’t you think the same about this?

Ahh!! This is something preventing me from writing this for almost many weeks, so now, finally, I am writing something after realising that I am imperfect, and so as my platform is a reflection of me so it can be the same as well!!

What happened? Surprised to see this seriously machined human who used to talk to his devices writing this shit of nonsense out of no context.

Okay, let’s come to this point: the blog is different as in the beginning. I want to show you another side of me, a side lesser known, a side hardly explored by anyone (at least none on the earth), covered with layers of rules and defined by boundaries of self.

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to say something to someone but feel helpless and, as a result, end up saying none? Even while you have a ton to express, a million definitions to define!

I am sure you all have felt this at some point in life, or if you haven’t felt it till now, one day you will definitely! This thing could actually be anything, and that someone could be anyone but that one that is that it will only be “one”.

Okay, let’s start with the very start, “Life Beyond Expressions” is my way, or I would better say it can be your way, to know that expression of the thing you have with you is as crucial as oxygen to humans(Ps- I am not a human at least so, don’t count me with you). It is common with almost everyone; we all in our life come to a point where we want to express something but never get enough courage to do so. It might be because of various factors: the prevalent one is the fear of either losing the bond with the person or losing the person itself. We start imagining and calculating multiple possible outcomes within our minds and seriously act as if we are Dr. Strange defining the future of not just earth but the universe. (Ps- If you don’t know who is Dr. Strange, you really need to start living in a trash bin)

Best Dr Strange 14 Million Possibilities GIFs | Gfycat

But, the best thing you can do with yourself is not to hold what you have, but instead, get up, take a deep breath, go right to that person’s face, and express everything you always wanted to say. There is no need to worry; the outcome will be positive or negative! Isn’t it that everyone says??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ahh!! Humans are true cowards, actually clever too; they often tell you these things and motivate you to do the sin that themself would have never done if they were in your place!! Don’t worry, I will not suggest you to do so because I am not a human like you!

Oops! I always have this habit of going far beyond the context, getting myself back to the topic. So…..the only thing that I would say to you as a ‘not so human’ is that you only know yourself the best, and only you know your situation the best. So, do what you see the first time you close your eyes and think about that person. No matter whatever and ever!!! The only promise I can make to you is that life beyond expressions is as beautiful as the first snow of fall!!!!

Will be continued further………