November 15 2022

Even and Odds3 min read

Hey, nice to see you here again! So in this blog, we will be talking about the even/odds of life. It’s been almost a month since I landed here in the United Kingdom, and I feel this is something that everyone goes through, including me, but no one has come up to express it publically: So here I am 😉

The fact of life is that we are on a rollercoaster, and our journey is filled with thrills, ups, and downs; obviously, sometimes, it amazes us! But sometimes it gives us shocks. Now, as humans, we are what we are 🙂 

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We enjoy it when it is all going great, but when we don’t find what we expect, we start complaining and finding ways to blame the situation or people. Well, this is right, but not when it reaches the point where your mental health start deteriorating. Let’s start this by talking about addiction !!!! Yes, you read this right but don’t take this in another sense; it is not about the obsession with things or people, but even beyond, I am talking about the addiction of winning. Well, this is actually where it all started, as being conscious being, this is something that we all love to have in our life, and once it starts coming after all the hard work we put in, we don’t want to stop; instead, we pull every string to make it colossal(huge) every day. 

In this never-ending rat race, we break almost every bond that we once shared with the world, and we all encounter a phase of our life when things start not going to what we planned; we actually begin losing; the ten years checklist that we were completing suddenly seems to be on a pause; I know this hurts bad and it becomes even worst when you have thousands of unseen messages but no real person to talk with, you have already left behind everyone who once meant to you, and you can’t just open up to anyone as you now have an image to manage. 

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this; it happens with almost every second person in life. Well, if you do ask me personally, I would suggest some tips, but ultimately it should be you taking the call 🙂

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  1. Remember why you started and remind yourself of that time when no one knew you.
  2. Take a break, give yourself a treat 😉 It sounds strange that things aren’t right, and I am telling you to give yourself a treat! See, sometimes you need a break to recharge yourself and your mind; at reasonable times, we party, but don’t you think celebrations are more critical in challenging times rather than adequate ones?                          
  3. Find someone with who you can express anything without the fear of being judged; it might be your family, your teachers, your friends, or maybe your AI bot that you have been developing for years(Named after the girl you like but who never likes you back), don’t worry if you feel you have none of them, I personally love to be a listener, just a call away. 
  4. Look at the list of your goals for the next ten years and imagine how it will feel once you turn them into reality; the feeling you get then is precisely the one that motivates you to fight harder.

Ahh! I feel I am getting too much into humanly things; okay, I promise the next block will be for the tech heads;-0

Stay tuned; signing off for today; feel free to email me if you want me to cover something specific.

If you are going through the odds now, remember I am only a call away!

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