August 12 2022

The Extending World of Possibilities

In this fast-paced world where everything is evolving at an exponential rate, we as humans are evidencing this immense growth and transition in terms of technology and the development of humankind. While now, almost everything around us is digitalized, we can observe how our dreams from yesterday are just another ordinary reality of today. The impact of technology in cross domains such as health care, education, enterprise, etc., is truly diverse. By introducing complexly efficient technologies such as Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining, we are extending the impact to the lives of billions of people out there.

As a person of technology, I feel privileged to a part of this change, and as being a researcher, I highly regard how computer scientists across the globe are defining new as well as innovative approaches to resolve some of the complicated problems faced by the world today. 

Do you know? MIT researchers developed a geometric deep-learning model called EquiBind that is 1,200 times faster than one of the fastest existing computational molecular docking models, QuickVina2-W, in successfully binding drug-like molecules to proteins. Well, that is another excellent contribution to the healthcare sector, but I know many of you reading this blog now may wonder and ask the fundamental question in human consciousness, “how does this impact my life?” So the answer is simple, and I know not everyone is interested in deep diving into the biological explanation or the algorithmic one. So, for now, the best answer I can give you is that “You may not find its impact directly on your life now, but it will define and yield the way you live for years or even centuries until another researcher or scientist come up with a newer model.” 

But don’t worry, let me share a wonderful invention that you may find slightly more exciting developed at MIT’s Communications Systems Lab; I am sure you all hear music right! Have you ever wondered how thin a sound source can be? SO, MIT engineers have developed a paper-thin loudspeaker that can turn any surface into an active audio source. Isn’t this fascinating? You know the speaker not just produces excellent sound but works on just a fraction of energy as compared to the traditional speaker.

paper-thin loudspeaker developed by MIT
paper-thin loudspeaker

(Image by: Felice Frankel, Source: )

So these two were examples from the top researchers and groups in the world, but what about the status of the building block of all these progressive mindsets? What about the perspective of students? What solutions are they bringing forward? Well, to find the best place are the hackathons and global challenges. I as well bring out and put forward solutions that I develop through these events, like the recent challenge by Harvard and the Government of South Africa to clinch the problem of Type 1 diabetes; with my diversly genius team, we developed a complex machine learning-based model to resolve the issue of supply chain mismanagement at Ghana, also additionally implemented a disease prediction model to predict any situation and counter it beforehand, apart from this we proposed an autonomous drone-based delivery module to make the delivery timely and combat any geographical or tropological hurdle. Though I would love to talk more about the project, I can’t disclose the very beautiful algorithm, which is the model’s soul, as the research paper is still under publication and not being published yet. Well, as soon as the paper is published in the upcoming month, I will surely love to share everything. 

Okay, I will conclude this blog here with a precise approach to making you all aware that what seems to be way beyond possibilities is now just another step of accomplishment. So as a final thought or what we say as a definitive statement, this world will be going to transform entirely in the upcoming five years! Now, this is your chance to define your thoughts, not just with thinking but with logic, and actually develop the next thrilling invention that has been growing inside your mind for years. 

Ps: You all are mighty superheroes, and all you need is one push and listen. I know you will define new definitions for the entire humanity 🙂