February 6 2024

Traversing Parallel Universes with Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein

AI Generated Image of Vinamra Sharma, exploring time sitting on Dr.Stephen Hawking's chair and using Dr. Albert Einstein theories

‘I am so confused. What is going on? Is this even real!’. These were my exact words when I saw that letter; after having lunch with Steve a few weeks back, I started working on Perplexed more intensively. I was filled with the positivity of bringing a more extensive and better version of myself. It was Friday night, literally the third night in a row when I didn’t sleep. Around 3:00 am, I felt my room suddenly started feeling a little colder; I walked to the other side to check the heating, but it was working fine. Still, I was feeling cold strangely; out of nowhere, when I turned back, I saw a letter down on my floor just slid. I immediately opened my door to see who pushed it in. It was 3:08 am, and the mailing services had no scope to deliver anything at this time. As expected, there was no sign of life but silence; puzzled, I returned and picked up the letter, which was a letter to Dr. Vinamra Sharma by Dr. Stephen Hawking. I was all curious. I have no plan for a Ph.D. now; who would have written this? Well, Steve told me that I could expect someone soon this month, so I already understood that here, Dr. Stephen Hawking is no other than one of the greatest cosmologists, theoretical physicists, and, of course, my very favorite author. My excitement hiked to 11th heaven after receiving this letter from someone who had changed the world of physics and mine with his space-time theories.

AI Generated Image of Dr.Stephen Hawking and Dr. Albert Einstein coming to meet Vinamra Sharma
AI Generated Image of Dr.Stephen Hawking and Dr. Albert Einstein coming to meet Vinamra Sharma

With no delay at all, I opened the letter; strangely, the letter had no long text but a little message for me which stated  ‘3:60 am February 9th, 2025’; my excitement turned into curiosity and confusion again, ‘What 3:60 am, isn’t it 4:00 am and why Dr. Hawking signed under with the same date but year says 2031’. My mind was wandering in the storm of thoughts and theories when I realized it was already 3:59 am; suddenly, it went so quiet that I could hear my wristwatch ticking on the table upside down. Suddenly, there was a bright flash in front of my eyes; I could see nothing but just two shadows walking towards me. It took me around two minutes to rub my eyes and see it was no one else, but Dr. Hawking, and right next to him was someone who needed no introduction but the person who defined and then redefined the whole definition of physics, Dr. Albert Einstein. I was speechless; in front of me were two of the most extraordinary scientific human beings; before I could process all, in a low voice, Dr. Einstein asked in a laughing but polite tone, ‘Vin, I hope you won’t mind an extra guest over. Sorry for coming down without prior notice; I met Dr. Hawking in Universe 212, teaching the flow of time at the University of Glasgow. I saw he was in a hurry during the lecture, and when I asked him why, he told me that he had a scheduled meeting with you, as I had no class. I asked him if I could join, and here I am’. My eyes were shining just like the the first ray of sun to the sea, in an exhilarated state I said,’Sir, you have no idea how happy I am to see you both here; I can’t believe my eyes, you know I was just drafting this contrast to your theory of relativity, I doubt its application in quantum space time’. Before I could complete my sentence Dr. Hawking stopped me by saying, ‘Ahh! boy, I can feel a little bit of me in you, which I doubt is any good! You forgot to ask Dr. Einstein to sit, you know we have traveled across 626 Universes to visit you. Quantum space travel is quite not that smooth yet, we are still working to streamline the flow yield.’ with this note both Dr. Einstein and Dr. Hawking started laughing while I felt a little ashamed of the fact that I forgot a very basic in my excitement. In a low tone, I asked them to sit and went to kitchen to grab some water.

AI Generated Image of Vinamra Sharma in the right, Dr. Albert Einstein in the middle and Dr. Stephen Hawking at the left.
AI Generated Image of Vinamra Sharma in the right, Dr. Albert Einstein in the middle and Dr. Stephen Hawking at the left.

When I came back with a water bottle and two glasses in my hand, Dr. Einstein and Dr. Hawking were talking about something I have no idea of, with the tone all I understood was the fact that they were debating about something. Looking at me Dr. Einstein said, ‘Thanks a lot Vin, I needed the water like anything, do you know I met Leonardo last week and he was telling me about you which actually made be subconsciously curious to research more on you and based on my findings I have to come down to meet you’. While serving the water to both of them, I said,’Yes sir, even I wanted to connect, you know I have a ton lot of questions to ask’. With a smile on his face Dr. Hawking added in the conversation, ‘Vin, we know there is a lot going with you, even during our travel we both were discussing what we can share with you, you know we just can’t tell you everything, it will disrupt the flow of time. Though we will try to fairly complement your inquisitiveness with closest possible retort‘.


Despite of us three in the room, it was all quiet; I can hear each word what there were saying as clear as possible which made me curious again about my wristwatch which stopped ticking, Dr. Hawking was looking at me with a smile in his face rejoicing the moment said, ‘Look Albert I told you the first actual question Vin will ask will going to be about the time in the letter, Vin don’t worry your watch is fine and so do what I wrote in the letter. It is right now 3:60 am and we are in a quadrant of a quant second, the time runs relative to the space which itself is relative to the surrounds here’. Dr. Einstein added to the talk by saying, ‘See, it is as simple as the fact that your mass is relative to energy which is a condensed state in itself proportional to the time which here is quantised; don’t worry if you do not understand why so, you will get it soon. And yes that Dr. Vinamra is you in the letter, not now but soon enough. We know you delayed your plan of PhD, but you never know what life gets for you, wait a couple of years and you will find out’. ‘You  know, the time is multi-dimensional; Newton’s laws were limited; every action you do not just have equal and opposite reaction but have around a trillion of corresponding reflex and sub-actions as best of our current understanding.’ said Dr. Einstein. I was so lost in deep thinking while Stephen added, ‘Vin, I read your Paradox of Time; I have to tell you it was impressive besides you were unaware of the multidimensional aspect, I wonder why you have chosen Computer Science over Physics, you know if you have opted physics which you apparently did in one of the Universe, you would be at Max Plank in Germany right now. But anyways; I am here for something quite more important than just science today. Steve told me about his lunch meeting with you, truly that is recommendable how he was talking about you so much. I have to tell you something your goals and desires are high but you need to couple yourself around the life as well.’

AI Generated Image of Vinamra Sharma and Dr. Albert Einstein exploring time
AI Generated Image of Vinamra Sharma and Dr. Albert Einstein exploring quantum time sitting on Pluto.

‘But, you both know my current situation. I am struggling to find and define my identity; I am not satisfied with what I am doing, my emotions are unstable, sometimes I just feel like crying and don’t even know how and who to express it to. I have so many things on status pending, you know I plan to launch TechPints next week, PERPLEXED launch date is in less than three months, my research project is still pending, I need to push the AI app I am developing for my current company to production in less than two weeks while there is a lot yet needed to be done in it, we pitched for MyFarm last Friday and hopefully will be starting with the incubation in the coming week, I need to develop the cross platform mobile application for that as well, my three research papers are still pending, for the Youth entrepreneurship challenge I need to redefine my problem statement and start working on the initial MVP, I need to make this power source optimiser placement prediction model for the Build for Earth team as our showcase to investors is in less than a month, I need to complete and push the React code to GitHub for my teammate to collaborate and help me finish on time, my half written book is still on hold and I need to complete it, also I have to attend two upcoming events and fly to London next week.’ I said this all in one single breath, surprisingly the expression on the face of both Dr. Hawking and Dr. Einstein were not really what I expected rather, they were laughing and it felt like they were enjoying.


‘Vin, Vin, Vin; Jakoś to będzie (It will all work out somehow); all you need to do is to believe in you and I am saying this than it really mean something, and you know why I said it this way. You need to get your emotions in line, you are at your least productive zone. You know the only thing more complicated than Physics is human emotions, even in the year 2980, we are trying to understand it; well let me tell you something even in this Universe you have a lovey dovey personal life.’ told Dr. Einstein, while Dr. Hawking added in a contrasting way, ‘Nie ma tego złego, co by na dobre nie wyszło (There is no loss without some gain), Vin, there is something common between me, Dr. Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Leonardo da Vinci; if you know you know, I don’t want to say everything upfront. But remember the sky is not your limit even as there are infinite number of skies that you need to win over. well I know we haven’t really answered any of your question completely yet, but we came here to just to make you realise something and I believe we accomplished our target; well we need to travel back somewhere and Dr. Einstein will be coming back to you soon again’. ‘Yes Yes, you know Vin probably around one and a half month from now, I will be coming back to you about something but until then keep your hustle going and maybe for your emotion part there will be someone you can expect to visit you next month or even earlier.’ said Dr. Einstein in a composite voice.

AI Generated Image of Vinamra Sharma in the left, Dr. Albert Einstein in the right talking
AI Generated Image of Vinamra Sharma in the left, Dr. Albert Einstein in the right talking

Before I could even react, it was this bright light again, my vision was all lost for a moment; it took me next 15-20 minutes to digest this all and get back to completing the code I was working upon. Though I realised its already too late to sleep, I went to the kitchen made another cup of coffee and decided to push my sleep to another day.


Well, I hope you all are liking the blogs, well I am very happy to share that our viewership is crossing borders much faster than I expected; our last blog had readers from around 46 different nationalities. If you are a constant reader I know you will be looking to this last paragraph for some announcement, I will be doing a little giveaway of chocolates and a letter written specifically to you, if you will be in the top three people who write me an email at info@vinamrasharma.com, telling a short story about your life and what good change you will bring in world if you will get the funds you need to implement it. Looking forward to reading some of the amazing thoughts of yours.

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August 5 2023

The Lost Phoenix: A Tale of You

Defined by words, derived by facts; determined by will, and defused in emotions; the lost phoenix is a tale of you residing in yourself.

Hey everyone, isn’t it really long since I have written something? Ahh… I was quite stuck with the paradox of life until today in middle of super busy day I decided to pause it all and share something that make sense only to stars residing far. Well, I am happy to see that our viewer count is increasing in the blogs and very surprisingly most of you like the blogs around life then tech. Someone really said the truth; science is the language of mortals but arts is the sense of living. (Ps- That someone is me 🙂 )

Let me start this piece with a question to you all; have you ever felt lost? lost in emotions, lost in thoughts, or lost in work ? Now, you are thinking and I am sure the answer is yes, isn’t it? So is the answer is yes smile :-)(don’t ask the reason, why I asked you to smile; sometimes its just good to smile. Look at your face you all looks beautiful).

Well, ‘The Lost Phoenix‘ is all about you; remember how we all had some dreams and desires for us when we were little. Yeah I am talking about the exact thing of having a helipad on the roof, going on to the trip across Europe with no identity, developing a time machine to travel back and get all the exam questions in advance, or what type of people you would like to have in life. What have happened to that now? The twisting events of life have shaped the things differently?? or you may say that now you are learned enough to understand and restructure the life right way. Well I am here to get your phoenix take you out of yourself  just as the style of Dumbledore.

The Lost Phoenix

In the rapidly changing and continuously evolving life our definitions of things have been badly influenced or I would say contaminated with a precious gift of sense known as logic. Besides being the most crucial ingredient in the recipe of life; when you add it too much the dish really get bad. Today. take a break just the way I did and think of the decisions you have taken by adding logic and that has changed what you always wanted to what should be there. Is it really justified, is it really worth it and even though if it is worth; are you okay with it ? What, why are you reading so seriously; calm down, I know its the first time I am twisting not with codes but with emotions.

Well, this blog is here to just to share an additional pointer in the collection of nodes, by the way I am happy to see that you have read it all along the last guys. So just a small reveal ‘The Lost Phoenix’ will be there as a whole chapter in my upcoming book, possibly launching in November. I know you are excited, stay tuned and ya another fun thing drop me an email at info@vinamrasharma.com with your name and a short message by 10th of Aug 2023 and you will be having a coffee on me 😉