September 11 2022

What it takes?

So, today through this blog, I will be actually trying to answer the common questions I get asked very frequently and share what I have learned over the past few years of my life. 

Well, I do consider myself very lucky, not because of the achievements I have accomplished but because I am able to discover what I love at this stage of my life. A few years back, I can clearly recall myself as a high school nonsense boy who always indulged in crazy activities like bunking classes, making fun of people, fighting, and whatnot; okay, let me not get into this story for now. Instead, focus on why I am telling you this; my reason behind doing so is to share a clear message that anyone can do it; the only thing that matters is not what you want but how much you desire it!

Now, let’s start the things exactly point-to-point:

I am a complete beginner; how can I start?

Though, I believe this is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind whenever we start something new, isn’t it? So, my way to tackle this is simple:

  • Understand that you are starting now, so don’t compare yourself with the people who have been doing it for years, but work hardest and trust yourself that you will make it soon one day 🙂
  • Remember that you have big goals and orientation for life; you are running a marathon, not a 100m sprint. So, don’t be disappointed when you can’t see the result instantly, but I can promise that you will soon be rewarded for all your efforts.

Everything seems so fascinating; what should I choose?

Well, this is actually subjective, and it is different based on your objectives, but a general way that I followed when I was in a similar situation is; 

  1. Try as many options as possible; explore everything and anything; you are not wasting your time but investing it.
  2. Choose what you love; I know this is even tricky, but it is straightforward to identify; if you enjoy and get addicted to it, it’s something you love!

Ahh! It’s getting too long now; I know you guys don’t like reading very long stuff, so let me conclude by providing four simple steps you can follow to ace!

Step 1: Write on the first page of your notes/notebook the reason for, “Why are you starting this?”

Step 2: Make a plan/Schedule; you can use any platform such as notion(I use this only), like discipline and consistency are the key to anything, trust me!

Step 3: Set up self-checks; for example, if I am learning Data Structures, I must have that one day when I will take five random DS problems and resolve them and monitor how well I can do that.

Step 4: The last and most important thing is to be consistent and believe in yourself.

Well, these actually worked for me

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