October 26 2022

What’s stopping you?

This blog is for almost everyone out there struggling and working to the best of their abilities with determination and passion toward achieving the next level.

So, I know it’s too hard sometimes; you have felt this too! Right? I know you can’t accept this fact publically, and you should know that you got an image out there. Many people look at you as an inspiration; they believe you are the one who is there to change their dream into reality. This is true to some extent, but today, I am not here to talk about this. Instead, let’s talk about where we are heading, the destination, and how we must tackle the blockers, we come across as a human.

Let’s answer the widespread but vital questions today:

1. How to find the right way, what to choose, or I not sure what I like?

  • Well, This is the thought that must have come to your mind when you have started or if you are planning to start; of course, everyone says to follow your passion or heart, but no one actually tells you how to find what you love or what is meant for you. So the answer is simple:
    • Firstly, try everything out there: Explore the world of possibilities and actually play around with every domain, even if you have no plan to pursue it further. It’s always good to know before.
    • Define what you want. Your expectations derive the approach; the bigger your dream is, the better you have to work for it.
    • See if you can imagine yourself fulfilling the goals you set when you are confined to pursue that domain.

“Myth: We should decide what to pursue based on the market demand”, this is a pure misconception, the key is that everything is great as far as you are good at it. You will always be served the best if you like what you do!


2. How to tackle when nothing seems to be going right?

  • Life is a journey full of excitement, learning, and understanding, I know it has happened with a lot of you and even happening right now, remember the three keys that I use in such situations:
    • Get yourself a coffee or hot chocolate, sit down calmly, close your eyes for two minutes and take a deep breath, remember the determination with what you started.
    • Keep on expanding yourself, the main component to success is consistency if you can achieve that, more than 90% of your problems will resolve themselves.
    • Reach out for help, well I know it’s hard to go through difficult times but even it gets harder if you are facing all alone. (Ps- if anyone reading this ever face such an issue, remember you can call me anytime)
    • Don’t give up! Odds are the stops in the way of evens, remember you will do it and don’t think for anything else.

“Myth: We will get instant results if we work harder” I know a lot of you still believe in this and that’s where you get wrong. Remember, good things take time and great things require time.


3. What if I was wrong,maybe I should accept the easy way I have, I mean still its better than what other thinks for them ?

  • So, this is something that comes to your mind very often wright when things aren’t going well, see I knew it! But, now its your turn to understand that it is normal if you feel like this, we as human always regret for the things we chose not to pursure (You must have read “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Forst); In such situations you may consider these:
    • Take a break, cook something for yourself and yes don’t use any recipie book or cooking tutorial at all, flow with your heart and invent a dish with your imigination. Trust me oce it is ready you will be the one happy like hell!
    • Write up the golas you have for yourself for the next 10 years in a paper and put it on the wall you see everyday. And now work with the objective to complete them in one year only, you will not have the time even to think for something that is irrelevent at all.
    • Writing helps you refresh, do start writing, either a blog, a poem or anything you feel like writing. I can say this myself that writing let you unload the stack you are holding in your head.

I know there are a lot more questions, but how can you forget that you, yourself is a superhero and you don’t need me to answer your question but you have the power to define your own buddy 🙂

Okay we will meet another day, with something different ! And I love reading your emails so don’t forget to send me anything that comes to your mind !



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September 11 2022

What it takes?

So, today through this blog, I will be actually trying to answer the common questions I get asked very frequently and share what I have learned over the past few years of my life. 

Well, I do consider myself very lucky, not because of the achievements I have accomplished but because I am able to discover what I love at this stage of my life. A few years back, I can clearly recall myself as a high school nonsense boy who always indulged in crazy activities like bunking classes, making fun of people, fighting, and whatnot; okay, let me not get into this story for now. Instead, focus on why I am telling you this; my reason behind doing so is to share a clear message that anyone can do it; the only thing that matters is not what you want but how much you desire it!

Now, let’s start the things exactly point-to-point:

I am a complete beginner; how can I start?

Though, I believe this is the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind whenever we start something new, isn’t it? So, my way to tackle this is simple:

  • Understand that you are starting now, so don’t compare yourself with the people who have been doing it for years, but work hardest and trust yourself that you will make it soon one day 🙂
  • Remember that you have big goals and orientation for life; you are running a marathon, not a 100m sprint. So, don’t be disappointed when you can’t see the result instantly, but I can promise that you will soon be rewarded for all your efforts.

Everything seems so fascinating; what should I choose?

Well, this is actually subjective, and it is different based on your objectives, but a general way that I followed when I was in a similar situation is; 

  1. Try as many options as possible; explore everything and anything; you are not wasting your time but investing it.
  2. Choose what you love; I know this is even tricky, but it is straightforward to identify; if you enjoy and get addicted to it, it’s something you love!

Ahh! It’s getting too long now; I know you guys don’t like reading very long stuff, so let me conclude by providing four simple steps you can follow to ace!

Step 1: Write on the first page of your notes/notebook the reason for, “Why are you starting this?”

Step 2: Make a plan/Schedule; you can use any platform such as notion(I use this only), like discipline and consistency are the key to anything, trust me!

Step 3: Set up self-checks; for example, if I am learning Data Structures, I must have that one day when I will take five random DS problems and resolve them and monitor how well I can do that.

Step 4: The last and most important thing is to be consistent and believe in yourself.

Well, these actually worked for me

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