November 21 2023

The Final Call: Enigma Attaining Solidarity

Hey readers, I hope you all are doing well and excited about this new blog! Well, just a tiny update: I was in India right now and finally celebrated this Diwali week🪔 with my family. I know I was off the grid for a while, though thanks to you all, we now have readers from almost 23 nationalities reading these sluttish words. It is interesting to see how I started this blog as a professional place to dump knowledge, but it ended up being my emotional punch bag; isn’t it strange how I hate expressing what I feel even to the closest humans, and here I throw thoughts out of me? By the way, I am just now sitting at the New Delhi airport waiting to board my flight to Dubai; yeah, I am going there, but not for COP28. This is motivating as I promised myself to work as hard as I will be invited as a presidential guest in the next event. I will be in the United Kingdom from next week onwards.

‘The Final Call: Enigma Attaining Solidarity’ symbolises a call we all get at least once, and I feel this is my time now. So far, things are changing rapidly, and nothing looks the same as before, but a wise man once said, “Change is the only constant of human life” I can say I feel it deep now. I am not very sure about my words today, and that is strange, isn’t it? How can I claim to be a so-called writer while I myself have no idea what I am writing today?  I guess human emotions are too fragile; yes, no matter how much I deny being human, I am one of them. Well, in the middle of this conflict of finding my existence, I am here contradicting everything I said and thinking I should work on stimulating the human feeling using haptic neuronic impulse through a microcontroller embedded into the brain. Seems like I got a good idea through the other fact is also that I have almost pending work that weighs nearly a ton more than me on an urgent basis. Ahhh, someone, please, my day count of at least 56 hours instead of 24, but I know It will not work either as my hunger to attain the things I don’t think will ever be satisfied.

Yes, this hunger thing is true. I never thought I would be like this, but this is a reality; I remember my young high school vinamra wishing to earn a yearly package of what I am making every month now, and still, it seems like nothing; I need more and more. We have already talked a lot out of scope, didn’t we? Yes, this happens very often now. I love to be an extrovert with my blog, and I can say this is becoming a best friend to me. It is strange how just about three weeks back, I was thinking yeah, I can potentially be in a stable place; maybe I should pause this hustle and spend quality time like most humans do, but things completely changed, and yes, I am changed too; Ahh, I guess its the time to board the flight strange why people are already lining up in a queue to be in the aircraft while it will definitely not leave without taking everyone present here at the gate, it feels like a local train where people are rushing to take the seat. Should I join this nonsense lane, too ?? or should I pretend I am too rich to care about such things !! This is the exact reason why I don’t like humans, but look how twisting destiny the flight got delayed; this world is a real rat-cage where people are only into rat-race.

Jogging Rat GIF - Jogging Rat No parking GIFs

There is a reason behind the triggering of this call, but I will not be disclosing that now or maybe ever. But yes, these words are here to let the world know that they will witness something beyond their thoughts and dreams. By the year 2025, you will see things hiking another level of destiny and changing the possibilities forever, Perplexed will break every record and will be the fatest Unicorn start-up in the world, and I will be there working each night as it is the last hustling every day even if It will just be me in the end. Solitude is the ultimate truth, I always asked myself this question will I be happy if I achieve everything but I will end up alone, I know this sounds scary but what is more than scary is that I believe my answer is yes. As a 23-year-old now I think I need to change the perspective of my life in an inverted way as now I am ready to be in solitude forever but I am not at all ready to sideline even a single thing.

Ahh this blog is getting too big, let’s conclude this for now, Let me write the second part to this once I reach back Scotland, until then be safe and keep on husteling also as our tradition of leaving something exciting for you at the end of each piece; I will be available for a zoom catch up later this Saturday 25th, feel free to ping me on my email ( I will be sending the invite to 2 people writing me first, let’s see who really read this long.