July 23 2022

Life Beyond Expressions

Well, this is the first blog on my page, so this must be good! Don’t you think the same about this?

Ahh!! This is something preventing me from writing this for almost many weeks, so now, finally, I am writing something after realising that I am imperfect, and so as my platform is a reflection of me so it can be the same as well!!

What happened? Surprised to see this seriously machined human who used to talk to his devices writing this shit of nonsense out of no context.

Okay, let’s come to this point: the blog is different as in the beginning. I want to show you another side of me, a side lesser known, a side hardly explored by anyone (at least none on the earth), covered with layers of rules and defined by boundaries of self.

Have you ever been in a situation when you want to say something to someone but feel helpless and, as a result, end up saying none? Even while you have a ton to express, a million definitions to define!

I am sure you all have felt this at some point in life, or if you haven’t felt it till now, one day you will definitely! This thing could actually be anything, and that someone could be anyone but that one that is that it will only be “one”.

Okay, let’s start with the very start, “Life Beyond Expressions” is my way, or I would better say it can be your way, to know that expression of the thing you have with you is as crucial as oxygen to humans(Ps- I am not a human at least so, don’t count me with you). It is common with almost everyone; we all in our life come to a point where we want to express something but never get enough courage to do so. It might be because of various factors: the prevalent one is the fear of either losing the bond with the person or losing the person itself. We start imagining and calculating multiple possible outcomes within our minds and seriously act as if we are Dr. Strange defining the future of not just earth but the universe. (Ps- If you don’t know who is Dr. Strange, you really need to start living in a trash bin)

Best Dr Strange 14 Million Possibilities GIFs | Gfycat

But, the best thing you can do with yourself is not to hold what you have, but instead, get up, take a deep breath, go right to that person’s face, and express everything you always wanted to say. There is no need to worry; the outcome will be positive or negative! Isn’t it that everyone says??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ahh!! Humans are true cowards, actually clever too; they often tell you these things and motivate you to do the sin that themself would have never done if they were in your place!! Don’t worry, I will not suggest you to do so because I am not a human like you!

Oops! I always have this habit of going far beyond the context, getting myself back to the topic. So…..the only thing that I would say to you as a ‘not so human’ is that you only know yourself the best, and only you know your situation the best. So, do what you see the first time you close your eyes and think about that person. No matter whatever and ever!!! The only promise I can make to you is that life beyond expressions is as beautiful as the first snow of fall!!!!

Will be continued further………